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The Best Data Science Publications to Follow ON MEDIUM in 2020

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The popularity of Data Science is growing; more and more companies start to implement Data science solutions to analyze and improve their businesses. This includes giant corporations and small startups. In recent years Medium publications become a source of knowledge for many existing and wannabe Data Scientists.

Are you new to the game? So, which publications should you follow? Where to find the best information?

This article brings up the best Data Science related publications right now (beginning of March 2020). It includes only active publications with a short description of each and the current number of followers. These 5 publications cover a variety of topics, including Data Science, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, programming, corporate/startup life, and productivity. I believe that those areas are where a Data scientist should focus on, grow their knowledge, and expand, therefore the recommendations.

Number of followers: 336, 000

Why you should follow them: This is probably the most popular Data Science oriented publication on Medium. It attracts the best Data Science writers and has been growing very fast. You just must follow it, and you will find an endless number of Data Science articles for all levels. There are basic tutorials as well as more advanced concepts presented by people that have been working in the field for a long time.

Number of followers: 54, 000

Why you should follow them: This is my second favorite publication that focuses on Data Science and specifically on Artificial Intelligence. It is significantly smaller than its predecessor but has quality articles being published every day. It currently has 160 contributing writers and averages more than 4000 visitors a day. Again the different level of Data science material is presented. There are articles covering stats and maths basic as well as articles explaining the complicated state of the art algorithms by experts. I also believe that this publication will be growing, even more, this year.

Number of followers: 568, 000

Why you should follow them: This is not strictly Data Science publication, but a big chunk of the articles is Data Science related. The authors not only focus on topics like entrepreneurship, self-development, and productivity but also discuss the latest trends in technology, including Data Science and AI. Additionally, it seems to be currently one of the most followed publications on Medium. The articles there may discuss technical topics but are usually not as heavy as the two previous publications, so it makes them easy literature when you have some free time between work or while commuting.

Number of followers: 18, 000

Why you should follow them: A bit less followed publication but with great quality articles on Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI, especially for people that want to start their new adventure with data Science. Analytics Vidhya provides online data science courses, and therefore most of the articles there are tutorials on basic maths, stats, and Data Science. If you are new to the field, give them a follow.

Number of followers: 91, 000

Why you should follow them: As the name suggests, this is not a Data Science publication but a programming one. It is important to remember that as Data Scientists, we write code, and we should produce beautiful, readable code that our coworkers do not need to rewrite every time we add a snippet. I believe that any Data scientist should follow some basic programming concepts, learn about design patterns, and be able to write well commented, modularised, and well structure code. This publication will help you to get better at those concepts. You do not need to read all the articles but follow them and filter if there is anything that interests you.

I believe that if you will follow these five publications and read some of their articles on a daily bases, you will become a well rounded and better Data Scientist. So why should you wait, just give them a follow now and enjoy your reading journey!

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