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5 reasons why everybody can and should learn Data Science

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Data Scientist is officially the sexiest job of the 21st century. Data Scientists are well paid, have good work-life balance and problems that they solve are interesting enough to keep anyone going. If this is not enough to get someone interested in the field these are even further reasons.

1. Data Science will help you with everyday tasks at your current job.

Even if you are not officially a Data Scientist but have some data science skills your life in the office becomes much easier. When your boss brings you a list of sales for the last year and instead of scrolling it row by row you write a few lines of code and bring a summary of 100 000 000 sales that happened in 2018. Even better, after a quick lunch and analyzing the data you tell your boss you can actually predict when the biggest sales will happen the following year. Also with your newly acquired data science skills, you can automate most of the mundane things you were doing at the office. That way instead of doing boring repetitive work you will have more time to learn the newest machine learning algorithms and its applications.

2. Data Science is multidisciplinary and omnipresent.

No matter what you doing now I can assure you that you can apply Data Science to it. Currently, Artificial Intelligence is used to predict stock prices, discover rare diseases, analyze images, predict the sentiment of the comments or summarize online reviews. We create automatic speech recognition systems, self-driving cars, and conversational agents. When it comes to Data Science the sky is the limit and it can be applied to any area of work or life.

3. Data Science can be tough but rewarding.

The sky is the limit but the start of the journey is learning basic Data Science and it is not as difficult as you think. Most of the people do not start the journey because they think they do not have enough math background, they did not do statistics or they cannot write a single line of code. Even though this is essential skills for Data Scientist this all can be learned and there is essentially no prior knowledge needed. What you need is the willingness to learn and determination. The good news is that once you start your journey you will apply your skills straight away. With just a few lines of code, you will be able to analyze data sets, do impressive graphs, and visualizations. Once you discover what you can do with so little effort you will get motivated to learn more complex algorithms that will help you solve more complicated problems. This will keep you motivated and once you start this journey is hard to stop. Data Science is addictive and the learning never stops.

4. Data Science nowadays is easily accessible to learn.

Additionally, there are no excuses not to learn Data Science if you look at the number of online courses, tutorials, and videos that have been made on the topic. With all this information you do not even traditional books and formal education. There are also a number of boot camps that help you to become a Data Scientist within a short time frame. They choose all the materials and design the learning path that you will take as a beginner Data Scientist. Either if you choose one of them or proceed with a self-taught manner there is no way you will be complaining about lack of resources or help.

5. Data Science will make you a better well-rounded person.

If you are thinking of transitioning into Data Science you will notice that with the skills you have learned you will look at the same problems from a different perspective. Applying mathematical, statistical, and algorithmic perspective will help you to see the other side of the problem, propose a solution, and test it. The complexity of the problems that Data Scientists solve will exercise your brain and change your thinking not only on the professional level but also will make you a better well-rounded person.

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Kochiva Marketing
Kochiva Marketing
23 de mar.

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