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Medium writers you should follow as an aspiring Data Scientist

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This is my list of 10 Data Science writers/influencers that I follow. And yes, I follow and read the work of other people as well but if I had to narrow it down top 10 only, that would be the list.

I am sharing this because I believe that all aspiring Data Scientists would benefit greatly by reading their articles as well.

The list consists mainly of Medium writers. I have added one non Medium blogger at the end as I believe his work complements the rest of the list really well.

I have organized the list so you can link directly to the writer's page. Additionally, I have added my favorite article from each author and a short description of why I think their work is exceptional.

Will Kohersen

Medium: @williamkoehrsen

My favorite post: Lessons on How to Lie with Statistics

I love Will’s articles and his ability to explain Data Science concepts in a simple and understandable way. He wrote a lot of articles that are targeting beginner Data Scientists but also some that explain more advanced topics.

Additionally, he has been a Medium writer for quite a while and during this time and he has posted a lot of articles. Therefore his blog has a lot of content to learn from.

Cassie Kozyrkov

Medium: @kozyrkov

My favorite post: Statistics for people in a hurry (watch embedded YouTube video!)

Cassie is a Head of Decision Intelligence at Google. This should be enough to follow her immediately. Someone at such a position will definitively have a lot of valuable information to share.

In her articles, she uses a lot of analogies to explain the concepts so a normal human being can understand it. Also, some of her blog posts are accompanied by short little videos that bring the essence of the problem.

Tony Yiu

Medium: @tonester524

My favorite post: Understanding Random Forest

Tony writes regularly quality articles on different Data Science topics.

What is unique about him is that it has been only over a year that he has shifted careers from being a financial advisor to being a Data Scientist. He started his journey with a Bootcamp and self-learning so there is plenty of advice on those topics as well.

Rebbeca Vickery

Medium: @rebecca.vickery

My favorite post: A Simple Guide to Scikit-learn Pipelines

Rebecca is another regular writer on Medium. She is sharing a lot of Data Science tutorials and as a self-thought Data Scientists, she shares a lot of good resources that will help you learn the subject.

She also sends a monthly Newsletter so you should sign up to get her latest articles.

Daniel Bourke

Medium: @mrdbourke

Self-hosted blog:

My favorite post: 5 Beginner Friendly Steps to Learn Machine Learning and Data Science with Python

Daniel is definitively one of my favorite Data Science writers. He has created his own Machine Learning degree! His blog focuses on Data Science and he gives plenty of productivity tips as well.

Another reason why I love his blog is that he seems to be a real human, he not only writes about Data Science but also emphasizes the importance of work-life balance and daily activity. His blog mantra is: Eat, move, learn, make.

Eryk Lewison

Medium: @eryk.lewinson

My favorite post: Algorithmic trading based on Technical Analysis in Python Eryk writes a lot of articles about Data Science! If you have ever thought about how you could use Data Science for automatic trading or finance problems you should read his posts.

Even though most of his articles are Finance related he also writes about other areas of Data Science.

Benjamin Obi Tayo Ph.D.

Medium: @benjaminobi

My favorite post: Teach Yourself Data Science in 10 Years — 3 Lessons from Peter Norvig (Director of Machine Learning at Google)

Benjamin is another Data Science writer that covers a variety of topics. Aspiring Data Scientists will find his articles useful and motivating.

Additionally, he also writes about his journey as a Data Scientist writer. He has written several articles on how he got started as a writer and about his current progress as a blogger. I have found this inspiring and I would recommend to anyone that is considering starting their own blogging adventure.

Rahul Agarval

Medium: @rahul_agarwal

My favorite post: Become a Data Scientist in 2020 with these 10 resources

Rahul is a Data Scientist with several years of experience. He regularly posts Data Scientist articles that are suited mostly for aspiring or beginner Data Scientists. He is good at explaining complicated concepts and technologies in a simple and understandable way.

He writes on Medium but also has a blog to which you can subscribe to get his latest posts.

Jason Brownlee


My favorite post: Tune Hyperparameters for Classification Machine Learning Algorithms

Jason does not write or Medium but I love his articles so I decided to include him here on the list. For me, his website is a place that I have found a lot of Machine Learning and Data Science tutorials that are simply well written, very informative. I have used his tutorials numerous times to learn new concepts or cross-verify my current knowledge.

Siraj Raval

Medium: @siraj_raval


My favorite video: Build a Neural Net in 4 Minutes

Siraj is a founder of the School of AI and makes amazing videos about different AI concepts. You should check out his YouTube channel if you are a visual learner. You will love the content and his energy. Siraj has done many videos that cover topics on Deep Learning. It is amazing how simple those concepts become after watching his videos. He also teaches how to use AI to create your own business. Very inspiring!


If you got to the end of this article you have just got to know my top 10 favorite Data Science Bloggers.

I hope that you will find it useful, check them out, and hopefully become a fan of some of their work as well.

Happy Reading!

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