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I have created this blog to share Data Science and Machine Learning knowledge with other Data Scientists or people that want to start their journey with Data Science.

I will publish plenty of tutorials on Data Science and Machine Learning so you get familiar with the concepts, libraries, and tools. Most of them will be in python as this is a programming language of my choice that I use on a daily basis (no offence to other programming languages).


I will also share resources that helped me to learn Data Science and be at the stage where I am right now.


My journey with Data Science began in 2008 when I enrolled for an Artificial Intelligence degree in 2008 at the University of Edinburgh. Fast forward, and five years later I have graduated with a Master's degree in this field and started a professional career. 

As my first graduate job, I ended up working as a Java Programmer for JP Morgan. This was 2013 and Artificial Intelligence was not as popular as it is now, so I had to settle for a programming job instead of doing Data Science. Additionally, they paid well and I got to move to London so it was not that bad. 

Luckily getting JP Morgan's name on my CV helped with future job searches, and I landed a Data Science related position at a game startup called Kuato Studios. My official title was Natural Language Processing Engineer and I finally got to work on some real AI projects. It was a really cool position, amazing startup culture and I got to live the ups and downs of startup life!

Two years after that I decided to persuade my dreams and combine travel with work. I got a remote position as a Data Scientist at an American startup called Execvision. I got to work on different Data Science projects and perfectionated my python skills (as far as you can go with that as a Data Scientist).

Currently, I am working as a freelance Data Scientist, mentoring students for Data Science and Data Analytics course at Thinkful, and writing my blog (here and on Medium).  I would like to keep sharing my knowledge with others and get everyone on the Data Science boat!

In my free time, I enjoy surfing and I surf every morning before work unless there are no waves (and this is very rare as I live on an island that is blessed with all-year-round swell).


If you have any suggestions, questions, or just want to get in touch, drop me an email.

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